Month: July 2015

New tax for gamblers

New tax for gamblers

The tax on gambling in order to cover part of the fund for retirees, an initiative that was approved by the Cabinet.

It will be a tax of 5.5% to the game, that is when the person goes to the casino, play and win, the voucher receiving the change in cash, the casino makes withholding tax.

This applies to full casinos, machine type and type C machines halls, casinos are those located in small towns. As it applies to sport betting, and bingo too. That is, the tax is paid by the player.

Crisol de razas

Crisol de razas

We clarify that the government is not creating any new opportunities for new applications of the “Crisol de Razas”. This call is only for people who had already made the process and need to renew their license to expire in the next 2 years.

Requirements for renewal of the Provisional PASS granted within the Extraordinary Migrant Regularization processes:

1. Full copy of passport duly checked against by a public notary.
2. The original of the provisional resident card expired or near expiration. (2 years)
3. Criminal record certificate from the country of origin or residence authenticated by the Consulate of Panama in your country. If you have more than two (2) years of residence in the Republic of Panama without leaving the country, you may submit the police record of the Judicial Inquiry.
4. Health Certificate issued by Panamanian licensed physician.
5. Affidavit of personal background, as a form supplied by the National Immigration Service.
6. Three (3) passport size photos.
7. Light utility bill, water or telephone, lease or any other document confirming your address.
8. Foreigners must make one of three choices:
9. Proof of affiliation to the Social Security Fund.
10. Payment of the CSS nine consecutive installments.
11. National Paz y Salvo of income issued by the General Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
12. Affidavit responsibility or liability notarized letter issued by a Panamanian national residing permanently or for abroad, accompanied by copy of permanent resident card or personal identity card checked by a notary public.

Minors are exempt from point No. 8.

Retirement in Panama is an excellent choice

Retirement in Panama is an excellent choice

Retire in Panama is an excellent choice

When you analyse a country to retire what first comes to mind it is that the money you receive from your pension is enough to be relaxed without long-term financial problems.

According to market research articles of daily consumption, three course meal for two at an average of Panama restaurant can cost US $ 32.50, as the local currency is the dollar.

The health system in Panama is reputable, but you should reserve about US $ 200.00 per month for a private hospital insurance.

In Panama you can find different types of properties, both in the country side and in the city, as in all countries in the city would be more expensive to rent than in the country side. But you could find a furnished rental 2 bedrooms within a range from 750.00 onwards, depending on the area you want in the city. In the country side for example “Boquete”, you might consider cost from US $ 250.00 and up.

Security in Panama is very good, we have problems as other countries but you can walk safely around the city.

Panama’s climate is wonderful only have two seasons, summer and rain season. Even in the rain season we have a warm weather when its not raining thought the 365 days a year.

You can do your shopping and enjoy the variety of prices that exist in our country.

If you are looking Colleges we have some of them in Spanish or English.

Fishing is fascinating, we have two oceans Pacific and Atlantic.

To carry out your immigration procedures as retirement your pension shall be US $ 1,000.00 per month and if you have dependents must have US $ 200.00 each. This means that if you have a dependent the minimum pension would be around of $ 1,200.00