Tips before entering Panama you should consider:

1. Count on your passport be valid at least six months before the expiration.

2. If you enter our country as a tourist will have a period of legal stay of six months. This term is not renewable.

3. If you enter a stamped tourist ie that his country will have a restricted period of legal stay of 30 days visa. It may extend the stay of tourists requesting an extension before the expiration of 15 days stay; Justifying the request with the requirements established by law.

4. If you apply some processing on migration and you are given the provisional license (1 year) is mandatory for multiple visa to leave the country upon request. If you exit without the Multiple Visa when entering again to hear its passage this will reflect the fine to pay.

Step 5. If you are the legal length of stay and want to leave the country shall pay the fine to the National Immigration Service. Do not let him out without paying the fine. (At the airport they can not pay the fine).

6. If you want to do some processing with an attorney in Panama, preferably made by a contract in which the lawyer is committed to Give you the requested work.