We offer our services for legal advice on any branch of law, to help clarify and resolve matters very complicated by the nature of subordination and dependence that they exert over other laws, the magnitude of laws according to the accelerated rate of change which occurs in the current social relations anywhere in the world.

These are our areas of work:

– Immigration procedures
– Work permits for foreigner citizens
– Handling the paperwork when opening corporations and foundations.
– Rights of possession land.
– Succession civil procedure.
– Maritime law
– International claims.
– Labor claims issues
– Land title regulations
– Legal regulations, construction projects.
– Criminal law.
– Proceedings before the gaming control board
– Raffles, trade promotions.
– Procedure for opening of casinos, sports bets, online gambling.


Work permit in Panama

To apply for a work permit, you should consider before you must establish immigration status. This means you must have ...

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Visa from friendly countries to Panama

PERMANENT RESIDENT PERMIT AS A friendly countries. Permanent Residence for countries with friendly relations, professional, economic and investment relations with ...

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Trademark Registration in Panama

  Procedure for registration of a trademark: A brand is the symbolic representation of everything related to a company, product ...

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