Work permit in Panama

To apply for a work permit, you should consider before you must establish immigration status. This means you must have a permit backed by the National Immigration Service.

The Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development is the entity responsible for approving work permits for foreign workers.

Work permits are set with the permission given to them in Migration. We can say that if migration was accorded permission married to national work permit must be requested on the basis Married to National. They may apply for a work permit as Married to National and migration have a permit as 10% of the regular staff.
We detail the different work permits:

  1. Foreign worker with a spouse of Panamanian nationality.
  2. Foreign worker with 10 or more years of residence in Panama.
  3. Foreign worker within 10% of the regular staff.
  4. Foreign worker or technical expert within 15% of specialists.
  5. Foreign worker as a company executive in the Colon Free Zone.
  6. Foreign workers in companies with fewer than ten workers under the Marrakech Agreement.
  7. Foreign worker as a worker trusted company that produce their effects abroad.
  8. Professional foreign workers.
  9. Work permit for foreigners who work in companies affiliated with the City of Knowledge.
  10. Work permit for foreigners from specific countries.
  11. Work permit for family reunification.
  12. Work Permit Panama-Italy Treaty.
  13. Work permit for a foreign worker with a spouse of Panamanian nationality under custody.