Procedure for registration of a trademark:

A brand is the symbolic representation of everything related to a company, product or service. Including a name, logo and other visual elements such as images, typography, color schemes and symbol.

Brand word cloud illustration. Graphic tag collection.

It includes a set of expectations associated with a product or service usually built in the minds of people. A mark not only identifies the product or service usually built in the minds of people. A mark not only identifies the product and its manufacturer, is a kind of symbol or flag that summarizes the content of a product, the company that makes or its development and prestige.

The mark of a company is not just a logo or a series of random colors combined. Today, the brand has an important strategic use and is one of the most important marketing tools. And it is in this way that in our legislation, existing law regulating the processing of the registration of marks for goods, services, collective and certification, indications of source, appellations of origin, trade names, exhibits and signs propaganda, inventions (patent, utility model, industrial design).

Requirements to register the trademark:

1. Notarized power of attorney and request a lawyer.

2. Labels, design or drawing of the mark (up to 10 cm wide), which are sent scanned.

3. Certificate of Public Registry of society.

4. Description of the brand, including: -Name, Nationality, precise address, number of personal identity of the applicant or its company name, place of incorporation and precise address, if the applicant is a legal person:

-A Name brand design, as will be used in the market;
Specifying the goods or services for which the mark is or will be used;
-Date When it began to use the mark.
-Affidavit (Does the law firm)
-Paid Trademark rights for registration of 10 years or five years.
The right to register is acquired by use, but the right to exclusive use on the market, the distinctive emblem, is acquired only by registration.

The registry allows the defence of the exclusive right to the identity of the product, ie brand that identifies the product on the market and individually in other products. Brands are intangible assets that are equally or more important, in some cases, the product itself that helps identify.

The registration of trademarks allows, among other things, that a company can effectively combat unfair competition and trademark counterfeiting.

Importance of Branding:

-Helps To differentiate products to make them known and promote them.
-The Brand is the letter of the company.
-Potential The brand loyalty.

It’s a pre seller because it creates a desire in the consumer and generates a set of expectations.

-The Promotion of a particular brand can control the market.
-Allows Expand the product line.
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