Permanent Residence for countries with friendly relations, professional, economic and investment relations with Panama.
This permit granted permanent residence in our country and Panamanian identity card entitles.


Countries applying for a residence permit to Panama are: United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Argentina, Australia, Republic of Korea, Republic of Austria, Federal Republic of Brazil, Kingdom of Belgium, Canada, the Kingdom of Spain, United States , Slovak Republic, French Republic, Republic of Finland, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, State of Japan, Kingdom of Norway, Czech Republic, Swiss Confederation, Republic of Singapore, Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Republic of Chile, Sweden, Republic of Singapore, Poland, Hungary, Hellenic Republic (Greece), Portuguese Republic, Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Republic Cyprus, Malta, Republic of Serbia, Montenegro Republic, State of Israel, the Kingdom of Denmark, South Africa, New Zealand, Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, Grand Duchy Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Principality of Andorra, Serenissima Republic of San Marino, Republic of Taiwan, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Paraguay and the United States of Mexico.

Different countries flags united together against blue skyApplicants for this procedure may include their dependents on their spouses, children under age 18 through age 25 may be requested as dependents if they prove to study regularly and are under economic dependence on the applicant. The foreigner who proves to have the alternative care and upbringing of their minor person may request as a dependent.


The requirements must provide for this procedure, other than those stated in article 28 of Decree Law 2 of 22 February 2008son the following:

  1. Three (3) passport size photos.
  2. Document proving the purpose of requiring their permanent residence, according to economic or professional activity to be performed. (To verify this requirement may be through the creation of a corporation in Panama where it is proved that the applicant is the holder of the shares of the company) or by a promise of employment contract.
  3. Proof of economic solvency of the applicant, it was shown by providing the following: Financial Reference Letter Statement or where the applicant demonstrates that features four half figures.
  4. Copy of the personal identity or residence card of their country.
  5. Responsibility letter, if applicable. 6. Certification to verify the relationship, if dependent.