Dependent visa Permanent Resident in Panama

You may request this permit foreign spouses, children under eighteen 18 (years), family members with disabilities and dependent parents of a temporary resident of two (2) years, permanent resident or national. Children over eighteen (18) years to twenty-five (25) years may be requested as dependents, provided they complete a regular basis and are economically dependent resident or national. The resident or citizen who proves to have the guardianship or custody and raising a minor can apply as a dependent.

In our Panamanian law prohibits work dependent.

1. Power of attorney.

2. Request for a lawyer.

3. Complex Passport (original and copy)

4 Certificate of good health (requested in Panama)

5. Criminal record of the country of residence, authenticated by the Consulate of Panama in the country issuing the document.

6. Payment of two hundred fifty (US $ 250.00) to the National Treasury and check (US $ 800.00) to the National Immigration Service.

7. Affidavit Form

8. Letter of responsibility of the resident or national.

9. Evidence of relationship can be:

a. Spouse’s marriage certificate birth certificate of the children or legal record of alternative care and upbringing, as appropriate.


The adult applicant and less than twenty (25) years, must provide:

a. A school certification attesting their status as full-time student and regularly;

b. Bachelorhood affidavit. (It has done here in Panama at the notary).

10. Proof that the resident has sufficient economic solvency and solvency must prove that one of the following ways:

a. Copy of the tax return, with peace and safe and it must meet the minimum income of one thousand dollars (B / 1,000.00) per month plus one hundred dollars (US $ 100.00) for each additional dependent;

b. Work letter date with their respective book or record of the Social Security Fund and copies of the Work Permit;

c. Bank reference letter at least four average figures.

11. Lease or certificate of public registry of property inhabited by the resident or national.

12. Copy of Receipt of light, water or telephone the residence inhabited by the resident or national.