Permanent residence permit as an economic solution for investment in real estate

You can request this permit who make sure you have a property (real estate) worth (US $ 300,000.00), this property may not have liens.

• Power and Application (Notaries and their respective tax stamps);
• Three (3) photographs;
• Copy of passport duly collated (Notary or authority);
• Criminal Record Certificate;
• Health Certificate;
• Certified check for B / .250.00 to the National Treasury;
• Certified check for B / 800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service;
• Form Affidavit of personal history;
• Certification of the Public Registry to verify the ownership of property, personally by the applicant with a minimum of three hundred thousand (B /. 300,000.00). The certification must state that the property is free of liens;

Permanence for Final Order the above requirements will be presented with the exception of Criminal Record Certificate and checks, fee:
• National Paz y Salvo of income in favor of the applicant.