Permanent residence permits for reasons of economic solvency own mixed investment (fixed deposit and real estate)

You can apply for this type of permit who show the National Immigration Service that has a property and a fixed term between both should take a minimum of US $ $ 300,000.00.

That is it can be a property of $ 200,000.00 and a fixed term of US $ 100,000.00 Total: US $ 300,000.00 (this is just an example).

• Power and Application (Notaries and their respective tax stamps);
• Three (3) photographs;
• Copy of passport duly collated (Notary or authority);
• Criminal Record Certificate;
Health certificate;
• Certified check for B / .250.00 to the National Treasury;
• Certified check for B / 800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service;
• Form Affidavit of personal history;
• Certification of the Public Registry to verify the ownership of property, personally by the applicant. The certification must state that the property is free of liens; Bank certificate for opening a deposit account fixed term to the applicant, and with a minimum of three (3) years in any general license bank in the country. This fixed term must be free of charge; The total amount between the certification of public registry of property and banking Certification opening of fixed term must be a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars free of encumbrances;
• Copy of fixed-term certificate authenticated by the bank;

Permanence for Final Order the above requirements will be presented with the exception of Criminal Record Certificate and checks. Additionally you must provide:
• National Paz y Salvo of income in favor of the applicant.