Permanent resident by special laws treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation between the Republic of Panama and the Republic of Italy

To apply for this permit you must be a citizen with passport and identity card or residence card Italy.


• Power and application (notarized and with their respective revenue stamps);
• Three photographs;
• Copy of passport duly collated (authenticated by a notary public or authority) or a certificate of citizenship or book navigation, as long as they mention that the owner is an Italian citizen;
• Criminal Record Certificate or affidavit before a notary public;
• Health certificate;
• Cheque certified B / .250.00 to the National Treasury;
• Form Affidavit of personal history;
• document proving the purpose to establish residency (to perform economic or professional activity);
• Copy of identity card or Italian resident;
• Proof of relationship, if dependents;
• Letter of responsibility in case of dependents;
• Evidence that the resident has the sufficient economic, which may be furnished by a bank certificate or statement reflecting the last month killing at least four half figures.